The operating Steps of R-SIM Air2 Unlock iOS7.1-7.1.1-7.X 4S/5/5C/5S(Sprint+N) R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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The operating Steps of R-SIM Air2 Unlock iOS7.1-7.1.1-7.X 4S/5/5C/5S(Sprint+N)

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R-SIM AIR 2 is the best solution for iOS7.1.1-7.X. From popping activation pattern to automatically unlock after choosing the carrier;  From complex unlock steps to easy steps,fast search and stable signal, it is currently the most perfect unlock card in the world.It is the first one to unlock the iOS 6.X-7.1.1-7.X of Sprint perfectly in the world;  the first one to equip with the perfect solution for iOS7.1(Don't popping up activation screen, Internet works well); also the first one which could be general used iOS7.1.1 of iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S. With the best quality and the lowest price, the R-SIM Air 2 will change the unlock industry.  The development of R-SIM witnesses lots of FIRST in the unlock industry.  Choosing R-SIM brand, means choosing the win-win cooperation. And we sincerely welcome you to join!

How to use Rpatch for R-SIM Air2 3G/4G SIM Card? 
 Compare with all the other unlock cards for iOS7.1.1-7.X, R-SIM AIR2 has the following advantages:
1. It is the first one which can unlock IOS7.1.1 successfully, and can be genenral used for iPhone4S/5/5C/5S from IOS6.X-7.X. ;
2. It is the first one which can perfectly work on IOS7.0-7.1.1-7.X of Sprint;
3. It owns the perfect automatic unlock solutions, and solves the popping up activation screen problem for IOS7.1.1---easier operation: choose the carrier, and restart the phone, then signal coming;
4. It equips with the professional Rpatch for activating IOS7.1.1-7.X, which is professional associated with R-SIM Air2 to unlocking the 3G/4G sim cards;
5. It is the most saving power IC for unlock cards all over the world, which can not be achieved by any other brands;
6. It owns the recognized quality and customer credibility. The guarantee of the sales, and the stability of the program, all of these conquest the customers;
7. It has a new packaging design, with trademark patent, the most important point is it's cheap, useful and practical;
8. It has the most professional after-sale service supports, perfect instructions, and professional products guidance website: 
With all the information metioned above, R-SIM AIR2, you deserve!


Simple Operation, Stable Signal

Step 1: After inserting SIM card, R-SIM AIR2 golden soft circuit board and the original tray into iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S, will pop up the following menu of choosing the carrier on the screen. If the carrier list have no the model you want, please click 'select carrier', and manual input the 7 digits carrier code(If choosing the wrong carrier, please change another SIM card, then try again).


Step 2: After selecting the corresponding carrier, then selecting the right appropriate model and the iOS system (as the pictures show below).


Step 3: After selecting the corresponding carrier, please click "Accept". Restarting the phone now and waiting for the signal coming. If no signal appears after doing this, please repeat this step, and check whether you had a wrong operation method.


Step 4: If you choose the wrong carrier or need to re-set the default carrier in the process of unlocking IOS7.1 with R-SIM AIR2,  please follow the steps as "Settings - Phone-SIM Card Application", then the R-SIM Air2 menu will show. Click the "Carrier Selecet", and choose the right carrier. R-SIM Air2 menu will pops up again. Then click ‘input IMSI’into manual input 7 digits carriers code mode.  And click "lock carrier" to lock the former choosing carrier. After this, please repeat 'step 1' operation method from the beginning.

Common problems of R-SIM Air2 in operation

1: q: why Mobilecan’t be activated when I use the Air2 ?

A: first to know your mobile phone operators before using R - SIM Air2, such as AT&T, Softbank, AU, etc.. Clearly know your operators, after card into the mobile then choose corresponding operator, according to activated steps and click into the next step to activate the mobile (in fact, mini 2 itself can match card can be used as activate card).

2:q:After choosing operator and can not activate the mobile, and shows do not support SIM card, upper left corner shows no service or full 5 false signals all the time, can’t skip put the activated screen, and in the state of inactive all the time, without any signals anyway.

A: first of all check your SIM card is normal (commissioning test card does not support the unlock test), insert SIM card to a regular phone, try it and check if it can call, internet, or if it can show E and 3G/4G symbol when open the cellular data in the left upper corner, if it’s normal, please change to the normal SIM card. Second, after back-up the phone delete all the data and activate again.

3: q: why do I according to the steps, and always activate automatically and circularly, then unlock the activation screen, then activate again, but always can't receive signal and shows no service or full of false signals?

A: the unlock is different from the previous traditional pattern to unlock, if appear above conditions, can enter the special operating status, specific steps as follows:

A: after selecting the operator, take out the card and insert again, check the false state in the upper left corner. And take out unlock card and SIM card instantly when the false signal in the upper left corner from full to one(just by   one or one directly, be speed) then insert Air2 unlock card and SIM card, wait for activated automatically appear stable signals,

B: if A step didn’t work, turn off the phone, then insert SIM card and mini card, open the phone and wait for activated automatically appear stable signals,

4: q: Why 3G/4G card can calling, send message but can not connect the internet, how to deal with it?

A: Install a R patch, if still can’t connect then login in:  (click link: in Safari) 2G can connect E, if still didn’t work, pls check mobile if it can open cellular data.

5.A: If you failed to unlock the Sprint, please follow the steps:

1. Please check whether the SIM card is in service or not. Once it's in service, please erase all content and settings, then unlock the phone. But if the SIM card is not working properly, replace one available SIM card to unlock, rather than the test  machine card. 
2. When the SIM card available, and the phone also erases all content and settings, and can not get signal, now you should insert the SIM card into the phone separately, waiting for the activation screen poping up. Restart the phone,  put SIM card and R-SIM AIR2 into, unlock the phone once again.  
The biggest advantage of purchasing R-SIM is that it's a very famous brand with powerful team. 
A new free patch would be released for the message and internet in the near future once we have a breakthrough. And for the jailbreak, iOS7.1.1 online verification system breaking, would be shown on our web also. Please waiting patiently.

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