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Product Standards No.: Q/RKS 01-2013 (The only one brand which has the Legal certification in the area of unlock sim card in the world. )
EU CE Inspection certification No. : POCE13032714ECE,
EU RoHS Inspection certification No. : POCE13032726BCR (The only one and the frist one brand which pass the CE and RoHS certification in the arear of unlock sim card in the world.)
The product patent No. : 1. The SIM Tray: ZL201230569575.7 2. The SIM adapter: ZL201230569609.2 3. The chipset integrated Soft PC Board: 201330084422.8 (these patents including all the patent in the R-SIM 8 except the sim pin. )
There are some fake R-SIM 7 and R-SIM 7+ in the market, all of them are infringement act, Hope customers will monitor and report! Our lawyer will obtain the evidence according to law and investigate and affix legal liability.
Complaint and After-Sale Service hot line: 4008925118
(Any copy and trademark infringement must be punished by law)

The address of adding the patch on cydia: www.isamteam.com or www.isamsim.com/cydia
The instructions and service link: www.rsim5.com or www.isamsim.com or www.rsim8.com




Patent Name(Click on the title below to have a view) Patent ID
1 Sim Card Chip Integrated Circuit Board ZL 2013 3 0084422.8
2 Appearance Design Patent Certificate for Sim Adapter Case ZL 2012 3 0569609.2
3 Card Slot for Mobile Phone
ZL 2012 3 0569575.7
4 Card Slot for Mobile Phone( Micro SIM card Exclusive Use) ZL 2013 3 0110368.X
5 Card Slot(For Nano SIM Card Exclusive Use) ZL 2013 3 0110967.1
6 Chip Integration Soft Circuit Board (For Mobile Phone SIM Card Use 2) ZL 2013 3 0084432.1
7 Chip Integration Soft Circuit Board (For Mobile Phone SIM Card Use 1) ZL 2013 3 0084433.6