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R-SIM Air2 is hot listed now! It owns the most perfect solutions for iOS6.X-7.1-7.1.1-7.X. From popping up activation pattern to automatically unlock after choosing the carrier;  From complicated unlock to easy steps,fast searching and stable signal. It is currently the most perfect unlock card in the world.It is the first one which unlocks the iOS 6.X-7.1-7.1.1-7.X of Sprint perfectly in the world;  the first one which equips with the perfect solution for iOS7.1.1(Don't popping up activation screen, Internet works well); and also the first one which can be general worked on iOS7.1-7.1.1 of iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S. With the best quality and the lowest price, the R-SIM Air2 will lead a revolution in the unlock industry.  The development of R-SIM witnesses lots of FIRST in the unlock industry.  Choosing R-SIM brand, means choosing the win-win cooperation. And we sincerely welcome you to join! (any one who purchases R-SIM Air2 will get free Rpatch codes for 3G/4G SIM cards)  For details, please click:
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