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Good news! The New Unlock Card of R-SIM Air2 generation will be coming soon !Support the American iOS7.1 Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, Cricket, etc., the first one support iOS7.1 American Sprint card all around the world, and at the same time to support iOS6. X - 7X system of 4 S/5C / 5 S, Owns the very largest function in the world!Stable signal and come directly, avoid problem of jumping activation, internet work 3G,to be expected!R-SIM Air 2 generation is not only MICRO SIM, it is also NANO SIM. it can be used for iPhone 4s/5/5 c / 5 s, because it has patent card slot for free and can directly put NANO into the iPhone 4s,The program is universal , what's more,it is the most perfect card in the world,Orders welcome From now on.

 iOS:7.1 Card with IC (The old way) system of the most stable R - SIM 9 GOLD will be lauched on the market , "quality goods buy one get one free " purchase one R - SIM9 GOLD and get one free free Rpatch 3 g / 4 g SIM card activated code for iOS7.1, High Quality And Inexpensive, Brand new trademark LOGO and packaging design patent, any imitation will be investigated!For details,please click

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