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Operation Manual of R-SIM9+ Nano-Cloud

As the increasingly advancing of intelligent unlocking, RSIM collects all advantages. Under the deep development of nanotechnology, cloud download service has been widely used. Thanks all these favorable conditions, RGKNSE has created a brand new unlocking pattern which is R-SIM9+ nano-cloud card. We newly plan and design the system so you can experience totally different operation interface. We also simplify the operation. Iphone 5c/5s was supported to get on the internet after the jailbreak of 3G and 4G SIM. Plug in your SIM, after a while, and then you can get the signal. This card has perfectly combined using default operator with choosing a new one in an intelligent way. We add the new function that this card can restore the repetitive activation bug magically. R-SIM always leads the development of the whole unlocking card industry with the leading technology.

Step 1

3G or 4G SIM users, please add the source www.isamteam.com after jailbreak your iphone5c or 5s and then install two software packages: A:3G/4G上网(5S/5C) WCDMA and A1: Commcenter patch. By the way, to get the jailbreak guide please click the link http://jailbreak.25pp.com/ios/. If you want to know how to install the source after jailbreak, click http://www.rsim5.com/intro.php?id=12.


Step 2

Putting nano-cloud unlocking card into the original card tray of iphone, then put the SIM upon the R-SIM9+. When you finish according to the right order, plug in your phone and then you will seethe following interface:

Situation 1

When this page has come out, the phone will show the signal of default operator after 5 to10 seconds without any action and the pop-up interface will disappear automatically at the same time.( R-SIM9+ itself has been made with the default operator, such as AT&T,T-Mob, Sprint, AU, Softbank.)


Situation 2

If you click “accept” in the pop-up interface, you can choose a new operator. The system will choose according to your phone model. When you click “input imsi, you can edit an operating code. When you finish the process, please reset your phone



Attention: setting iOS7.1-7.X Mode 1 as non ringing pattern, you can get the signal back automatically. iOS7.1-7.X Mode2 as ringing pattern, which means it will remind you if there is no signal or out of service. Of course, you choose the pattern as you wish.

Situation 3

If you click “cancel” in the pop-up interface, the system will remember the last operator you chose and your phone will get the signal. Want to know more, please click the link. www.rsim5.com

Step 3

R-SIM9+ can restore reactivation of American edition iphone. It also can copy the operating code and lock the operator so that not to pop up the selection menu page. Just getting into the process: setting up----phone ----SIM application--- R-SIM9+ NANO-CLOUD FOR 4S/5/5S/5C”


Tips: When you click “Select Carrier”, you will return to the situation 2, choosing operator. While clicking “Edit IMSI”, you can edit international IMS code with 7 numbers. If you click “Get carrier code”, these people who use the original SIM card can copy the operating codes of their operators (this function is aim to use in some small countries, especially for the remote areas), clicking “Restart SIM Card”, you can restore the reactivation bug cause the American edit iphone5s and 5c will jump to the activating page again and again. When you click this option, you can solve this problem. Choosing “Lock Carrier” means to lock the operator. When you do lock, your phone won’t pop up choose operator page again even though you change you SIM card. However, you also can click the “Accept”, to choose other operator if you need.

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