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iPhone5/4S iOS7.X(Sprint ,AU, Verizon) SMS/Internet Patch Download(Need jailbreak)

1,Do perfect jailbreak for iPhone 4S/5 iOS7 first, the jailbreak tutorials link: http://jailbreak.25pp.com/ios/

2,After doing jailbreak, please install the R-SIM one key 3G patch(including the WCDMA 186 card, 128K, 64K3G card), the detailed installation as following:

A,Make your iPhone connect the wifi succeed.

B,Find the "Cydia" on the desk of iPhone.

C,Open "Cydia" , and click the "management"

D:Click "Sources"


F:Click "add"

G:Input the perfect cydia address:"www.isamteam.com" or "isamsim.com/cydia" , input one address is OK, then click "add source",Click "Return Cydia"

H: Click “SAMSIM & R-SIM Source”, you will go to the next :

iPhone 5 iOS7.X(Sprint ,AU, Verizon) SMS/Internet , plelase click A:iphone5 path 3G/4G  , iPhone 4S iOS7:click C:R-SIM iOS7 4S 3G激活 - 4S internet 3G )
Note:Support all the R-SIM and SAMSIM(All the iphone5 and 4Sincluding the Sprint AU SB ATT etc..)

I:Click the install , then click confirm.If Succeed install, there will no red font or yellow font, it shows normal, then click “Reboot Device”

J:Then you will see the red “iSAMSIM” logo, then restart your iPhone. The installation the 3G/4G patch succeed.

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