R-SIM16 turns locked into unlocked iOS14 system 5G black technology unlock card R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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R-SIM16 turns locked into unlocked iOS14 system 5G black technology unlock card

How to use?

R-SIM16 is an universal 5G  sim unlock card which is suitable for ISO14 after R-SIM15+ ,turns locked into unlocked, without operation,just insert the card and use it.Compatible with unlocking iPhone12 PRO MAX, 12, 11PRO, 11, X, XS, 8, 8PLUS, 7, 6, etc. all series of locked models,After unlocking for the first time, it is completely free to insert the card later,The free DIY combined design allows maintenance and sales staff to no longer worry about the inventory backlog caused by the incompatibility of traditional cards,R-SIM16 has the R-SIM Dongle upgrade function for Smart Cloud,Can carry multiple sets of unlocking procedures in one,They can all be upgraded to the latest unlocking card application program through the Cloud with R-SIM Dongle,Which unlocking program you think is more stable and easier to use, you can download which one from the official website of R-SIM, Both programs can be upgraded online for free at the same time.

The Black technology R-SIM16 unlock card that makes the locked to unlocked is coming, compatible with all series of iPhone, ICCID unlock modes, without any operation, insert and play, simple operation, support upgrade! 

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