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Differences between R-SIM 14+ and R-SIM 15

Differences between R-SIM 14+ and R-SIM 15 as following :

1. R-SIM 14+ applies 256K super large capacity Infineon chip, fast pop-out carrier page, multiple unlocking modes, connected almost all traditional unstable unlocking modes . R-SIm 14 can always unlock iPhones whatever it changes . R-sim 15 applies two 128k large capacity chip ( smallest size among unlocking  cards) group, which consist of a R-SIM 15 and a R-SIM 15pro. Two cards in one, users can freely edit and choose the unlocking mode preferred, can DIY upgrade any one request .

2. R-SIM 14+ updater is with lower cost, and it can be only upgraded by computer . R-SIM 15 updated is expensive , and it can be upgraded offline and powered by USb cable via power bank . It is relatively easier for uploading and upgrading . One press and play to upgrade updated once connected with USB to computer .

3. If not torn apart along dotted line, R-SIM 14+ can unlock iPhone XMAX/X11/11PRO/11PRO MAX. Once torn apart, it can unlock iPhone X/6/7/8, etc almost all iPhones . While R-SIM 15, if not torn apart along dotted line, can unlock XMAX/X11/11PRO/11PRO MAX. Once torn apart, it works as 2 cards, which can unlock two iPhone X/6/7/8 etc, all models ( this design is the 1st design patent all over the world ). During this use period, if any one card was damaged, it can still works when flipped over to other side. This ensured the card stability for users, similar only cost of one card while got two unlocking cards.

Remark: The two types above have different package , each with its own advantages on unlocking . As R-SIM 15 applies 2 cards in 1 and can support 2 different programs, so to be the 1st creative design among card unlocking industry and called as the newest R-SIM15. While R-SIM14+ is with large chip, various unlocking modes. Its compatibility is more suitable for global use.Both two types cards support upgrading , so no any worry on after-sale problem. If any unlocking process blocked, just wait the new program patiently . User can update program by Updater accordingly .  Which type above will you prefer ?

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