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Mobile phone bank patch 

Patent name: a mobile banking authentication method based on sim card patch of mobile phone

Technical field:

The invention relates to a mobile authentication method for identity authentication of banking system by using mobile phone patch device, in particular to a mobile authentication method for banking business based on sim card patch of mobile phone.

Background technology:

At present, there are two main ways for each bank to authenticate the customer's identity: one is to verify the user's signature or seal in the counter transaction; the other is to verify the user's password or USBKey with the user's digital certificate in the electronic system transaction. These modes mainly have the following problems: when customers entrust others to do business, they need to give the seal seal to the agent, but they cannot restrict the agent in real time what kind of transactions they make with the seal seal. In reality, this problem also troubles small and medium-sized business owners. When users go out without a computer, they cannot use a USBKEY without a USB port and most mobile phones cannot support digital certificates in the form of documents issued by the bank, so they cannot carry out transactions requiring strong authentication, such as large amount transfer. Users' bank CARDS are lost or copied, and their passwords are peeped into. Criminals can use the information to withdraw money from their accounts from ATM, which is easy to cause loss of money. Mobile phone dynamic password technology can alleviate this problem to some extent, help users confirm the operation of their accounts, and provide mobility convenience, but dynamic password does not have the role of anti-repudiation, the security level is relatively low. All these restrict the development of banking services.

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