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Post-iccid era, card stick machine

Some time ago, one of the explosive topics in the mobile phone circle was the issue that the ICCID activation strategy of the IPhone card stick machine could no longer be used. In-depth played ICCID activation card machine's friends should know, in the past with ICCID activate the card machine, put in is now outdated, last year, due to the sales problem, the apple with ICCID, nate set in a period of card machine, leading to the time of the lines of each channel machine sales surge at the same time, the price had a lot of, can call card machine in the spring, a little too much.

Can in some time ago, personal speculation, cook comrades should be prior to the release of the new IPhone, direct castrated ICCID activation pathways, use ICCID activated will display error, so small make up warm prompt, friend with ICCID black completed last year, as long as no flash, not erased, don't connect computer upgrades, business as usual is used, literally in CARDS, or use the card of classmate, don't upgrade, do not flash, not erase, not connect computers, and don't change card, otherwise although TMSI activate the use, can also be used but the experience. Then, xiaobian want to say, the beginning of today, is, 4G telecom card stick machine setup method, please code good standby!

1. IPhone before telecom

On, send ktvolte to 10001 (open hd call free service);

2. Take out the card, add the card and insert the card stick machine;

3, this is the card will automatically jump out of the pop-up window, selects "your carrier", selects telecom 34G unlock;

4. Remove the card slot, remove the card stick, insert the card only, wait for the appearance of 4G signal in the upper left corner, and then continue to wait for 30S;

5, then shut down, wait for more than 15 seconds, do not boot, take out the card slot, put the card + card, and then boot. Note, if there is no China telecom at this time, connect wifi access;

6. Open Settings - cellular mobile data - data options - roaming data, all open;

7. Go back to the setting interface - about the machine - view telecom operator 36.0. At this time, you should be reminded to update the operator's file.

8. Turn on cellular mobile network - data option - check enable 4G- check voice and data.

Finally, small make up want to say is, there are always some people think or feel, use card stick machine is for the one who can't afford to buy countries, in fact, these days, when MTK emperor began to rise, the IPhone at all prices, just to meet you this group of people vanity external expression of desire, and what you want, not a mobile phone, but a heart to compare, a false appearance, try to ask, how many people, in addition to make a phone call, send WeChat messages, brush weibo, turn over the trill, also know other functions of the IPhone should really be lauded, you just want to use money piled out but don't and others sense of superiority, But who will know, this superiority behind, perhaps is your credit line after overdrawing reluctantly!!!!!

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