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Stick on the phone card 

Nothing is impossible but imagination.

In mobile communication used to identify the small SIM card, always thought that has been done very small. When the iPad came out, it had a small card, about half the size, and it did exactly the same thing. The most interesting thing is that it can be cut directly into a standard SIM card. Change an Angle to say, it is original card has a lot of area is unnecessary, can cut directly.

Recently, I saw a magic film card. A stick card is a thin SIM card that can be attached to an ordinary SIM card like a piece of sticky tape. The SIM card can also be inserted into the card slot of ordinary mobile phones. The level of integrated circuit manufacturing is amazing.

Stickers have many functions. Here are a few examples.

During the expo, China unicom launched a film card that could be attached to a SIM card of China mobile, forming an even number, an original China mobile number and a pasted China unicom number, to promote its business. Of course, this approach was hit hard by China mobile.

Another case is moneybag. Moneybag USES this function as a means of mobile payment. Ordinary SIM card plus the film card provided by moneybag network can use the STK function on the phone to complete the payment function.

The basic principle of the film card is to intercept the communication between the mobile phone and the standard SIM, process the information you need by yourself, and forward the unwanted information to the normal SIM for processing. In the eyes of ordinary users, pasting cartoon is often represented as a kind of STK function, through which various value-added services can be realized. Moneybag network USES STK to realize the encrypted communication function, establish the encrypted information transmission between the user and the bank account, and realize the payment business.

Nothing is impossible but imagination! Small film card, looks not complicated, but simple effective, very interesting.

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