How to customize QPE eSIM by R-SIM ecode R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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How to customize QPE eSIM by R-SIM ecode

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Step1:  Get R-SIM Ecode from me .

Like this: 12 digits code  (638970773933)

Step2 :  Where to customize eSIM?

click the link below:

Input 12 digits ECode please!

Input 15 digits IMEI (setting- General-about )please!

Verification Code


Step3 :  Verification Code

Get QR Code

What is QPE unlock Solution?

This unlocksim solution is based on the latestiPhone baseband loophole , we developed QPE unlocksim to remove SIM card restriction of sim locked iPhone QPE.(Qualcomm+Physical SIM+ESIM) It work on Qualcomm baseband version of iPhones and Requires assistance with the installation of a eSIM.

It can unlock the iPhone using any operating SIMs.Achieve 100% stable signal, stable data trafficservice, and never pop up the request activation screen.No signal loss, no missed calls, very close to the use of the unlocked iPhone.

eSIM Installation Tutorial

Step 1. Download the certificate

Step 2. Install the certificate

After downloaded the certificate, return to "Settings" and follow the picture bellow to install the certificate:

Step 3. Trust the certificate

Don't forget this step, otherwise you won't install successfully.

Enter Setting > General > About >Certificate Trust Settings

Step 4. Configure WiFi proxy

Enter Settings> > Wi-Fi> >Click your connected

WiFi> > Draw to the bottom> >Configure Proxy> > Choose Manual> > Enter  Server and port> > Storage

(click to save to take effect)

server : qpe.

port : 12345

From April 9, 2024, new port : 12300

After setting the previous steps, please open the Camera APP,scan the installation environment detection QR code below, check whether it is effective; .

If it shows  Green color "The current environment can install eSIM(当前环境可扫码添加eSIM)",  you can continue the 5th step;

If it shows "non-private link"check Your certificate whether installed and trusted, follow 2th step and 3th step;

If it shows "eSIM cannot be installed in the current environment",

check your WIFI proxy whether is correct, follow 4th step;

Step 5. Add cellular plan

Enter Setting > Cellular > Add eSIM > Use QR Code

Step 6. Close the WiFi proxy and remove certificate

Turn off the WiFi proxy: Settings > Wi-Fi > Click connected WiFi >Configure Proxy > Off >Save

Remove certificate: Settings > General > VPN & Device Management>eSIM_ INSTALL > Remove Profiles

The WiFi will net probelm if certificate not removed

That's all, enjoy your unlocked trip!

Important Notice ( R-SIM ECode Solution for customize eSIM QR )

1. What is R-SIM ECode used for?

ECode is only used to customized eSIM for R-SIM QPE unlock solution, no other purpose!

2. The eSIM for QPE eSIM unlock solution is only supported below devices:

a. iPhone 12+/13+/14+/15+/SE3 models(Qualcomm Baseband)

b. The device must have eSIM and physical sim slot

3. What is QPE eSIM used for?

QPE eSIM only be used to assist R-SIM chips to unlock iPhone

but it can't make the device unlocked(No SIM Restriction)

One R-SIM ECode only customize one eSIM;

One eSIM only be used in one device;

All the esim here is virtual, no signal , no net ,  need works together with rsim

Add esim + R-SIM esim QPE MODE , will get 100% stable signal.

R-SIM CLUB2  youtube:


NO Ecode FAQ Solution
1 Unsupported eSIM This eSIM is from a carrier that is not currently supported on this iPhone. To use this eSIM, contact your carrier and request to unlock this iPhone

solution 1: check "Trust the certificate " if on solution 2: Delete Configure WiFi proxy, try again . solution 3: Reset Net work setting, as "eSIM Installation Tutorial" again Solution 4: change wifi , Solution 5: Rest all setting , according to the current customers feedbacks, 100% success Youtube link :

2 Activate eSIM Camera would ike to activate an eSIM on this iphone. Unsupportod eSIM This eSl l from a carrief that in notcutrenttyzuooerteed en this iPhane.Tause th eSxl cantact your carrief andtequest to unlock this iPhone

Not scan by camera directly Do same as step 5 Enter Setting > Cellular > Add eSIM > Use QR Code

3 Esim install and after block IPhone

Solution 1: Please don't restore iphone in dfu ! Just ignore WiFi (Disconnect), off screen , waiting 10 to 20 mins. ESIM will auto disabled. then you can enter the desktop Remove ESIM (General-reset-Delete all esim) Solution 2: Active iphone by original carrier card first. as the next step if still sim not supported ignore WiFi (Disconnect), off screen , waiting 10 to 20 mins.

4 eSIM of this carrier is not ready!

Solution : please offer the carrier name and the correct carrier imsi to our engineer team , support update the carrier esim datas for you , Note: softbank not work

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