R - SIM iPhone4S unlock card stick method of use R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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R - SIM iPhone4S unlock card stick method of use

This tutorial is only applicable to the 1.0.11/1.0.13/1.0.14 baseband iPhone 4s unlocking card patch using r-sim card patch unlocking tutorial, other iPhone users can unlock the phone in the following ways:

The following baseband iPhone can be unlocked by installing Ultrasn0w Fixer on cydia without relying on stickers:







IPhone 4 with baseband below 4.10.01 can be unlocked by Gevey card stickers. Currently, there is still no way to unlock iPhone 4 with baseband of 4.11.08.

The r-sim unlocking card can be used manually or automatically

1. Manual

1.1 the following menu will appear when loading the card stick and SIM card -> Settings -> phone ->SIM card application

1.2 click "Country&operators" to selects the local lock operator. The selected item appears in the title bar at the top of the iPhone screen. (example: MODE 1 represents the first MODE AT&T. If the phone is AT&T with a lock, you can skip this step and go directly to the next step)

If not within the Country&operators menu list to selects operator, may enter in the "Edit code" MCC newsun focus to unlock your phone, you is Japan au version, for example, you can Edit code input: 44054, in this way, you can Edit in au operators, after you operate directly selects Edit good operators to unlock operation.

1.3 Enter 112 mode-> returns to the main screen

1.4 wait for the menu to appear. Press accept and wait for about 5 seconds to dial 112. Don't hang up. (or wait more than 10 seconds before hanging up manually seems to make it easier to find the signal)

1.5 wait for search signal

Automatic mode

2.1 load the card and SIM card-> Settings -> phone ->SIM card application menu -> check "AUTO MODE" (this option will take effect when the next boot), and then click "Enter 112 MODE" or insert the card once.

2.2 if again after commissioning or call waiting card will no longer need to enter the SIM card application, click on the "enter 112 mode", automatically pop-up accept menu, point to accept after waiting for about 5 s dial 112, (or manually hang up after more than 10 s seems more easy to find such signals) don't hang up, wait for after connect, pull out the SIM card to insert again, waiting for the dial-up interface to hang up.

2.3 wait for search signal

Iii. Solutions to common problems of mobile phones after unlocking successfully:

3.1 the iPhone 4s failed to find a signal for a long time

Solution: dial a number arbitrarily, don't hang up manually and wait for the machine to hang up by itself, so you can quickly find the signal.

3.2, there are no operators to selects under the "Country&operators" menu list

Enter MCC MNC in "Edit code" to unlock your phone. Click here to download the MCC MNC code list for countries around the world.

3.3 ATT and 4S under partial operating quotient have no "cellular data" setting option

Solution: connect wifi, then enter your cydia, cydia in the bottom right foot has a search menu, in the search column input tetherme, install this software, your cellular data is ok, you can set cmnet and cmwap access point parameters!

3.4 solutions for the inability to send and receive individual card SMS messages

About individual card SMS cannot send and receive the solution for brick machine abroad to China (by default) in the locality of the international code for foreign still have problems with individual card SMS cannot send and receive, can be set like this: on the phone - - > Settings - > phone calls international assistant - > close international communication assistant - turn your mobile phone language from Chinese to English - > then shutdown - > boot - > the language from English to Chinese assistant - look at the international calls have not closed (must be closed) - > turn off - > boot - > then operate R - SIM is perfect.

3.5 "need to activate" problem encountered when unlocking iPhone 4S:

Solution: after startup, before not installed the card pastes, with China mobile and China unicom GSM mobile phone card inserted, slightly wait for some time, can be in the Settings - general - about the machine, operators can see China mobile or China unicom, and then pulled out a mobile phone SIM card, phone displays "not installed SIM card", some "good", this cell phone is activated, add the stick with a SIM card to unlock.

If the above method fails to activate the iPhone, a locked version is inserted into the sim card of the carrier sold in the country and then connected to itunes for automatic activation. Now there are some universal activation CARDS, if there is a locked version, and can not find the sim card of the country, you can use this, and then connect to itunes automatic activation, activation to empty function normal call 112, there is a prompt sound: if the police please dial 110, fire please dial 119

Another solution to unlock the phone is to skip the activation screen through the dock function of SBSettings.

Jailbreak iPhone 4S, absinthe4.0 is recommended. Install basic plugins such as afc2 service patch and appsync for ios 5.0+ SBSettings after jailbreak. Open the dock function of SBSettings:

First set the system to the dock in SBSettings Settings, the activation page, bring up the dock, click on the dock of the Settings, switch to the system Settings page, and then cut screens, then call 112 on the activation page, after connect, double-click the HOME button, popup background, click the background Settings icon, continue to cut screens, then in the dial-up interface card is inserted card, a pop-up without a SIM card, sure, end the call, after a successful automatic skip the activation page, start looking for signal

3.6 short messages and calls of contacts in the address book do not show their names, only their Numbers


A. restore phone Settings directly >> universal >> restore >> the first option restore all Settings

B, in/System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit framework/PhoneFormats UIMobileCountryCodes found under/path. The file.

C. Edit this file and add two lines of code in it: 001 cn

D. Restart the iPhone

3.7 Canadian versions of the following models cannot be activated or unlocked

Settings - general - phone - about this unit - model

MD234C/A MD241C/A MD257C/A MD237C/A MD244C/A MD260C/A

The Japanese version:

MD235J/A MD236J/A MD239J/A MD240J/A MD242J/A MD243J/A

MD245J/A MD246J/A MD258J/A MD259J/A MD261J/A MD262J/A

3.8 about FaceTime

FaceTime will send international SMS when registering, if you want to use this function, please go to the business hall to open the international SMS function, and the registration will be affected because of the delay of international SMS sending.

IPhone4 FaceTime function activation and usage

1. After connecting iTunes and activating iPhone4, iPhone4 will automatically send a registration message to the apple server, which will send a successful registration message to the user's phone number after verification and registration. The registration process is completed and the FaceTime function is activated.

If automatic registration fails, the iPhone4 offers a way to manually activate FaceTime. That is, go to the Settings -> phone menu, put the FaceTime switch button in the off state, and then put the FaceTime switch button in the on state. At this time, the iPhone4 will send the registration text message again. After the registration is successful, the FaceTime function will be activated and users can use FaceTime to make video calls.

3.9 unable to send and receive text messages

SMS center number setting instructions :(note that the jailbreak may affect the setting instructions, taking the instructions as the phone number)

Query status: *#5005*7672#

Set number: *5005*7672* SMS center number # (note the SMS center number here must remember to input "+" number, such as Shanghai SMS center is +8613010314500, "+" number in ip4 long press 0 can be input!! All over the friends please inquire clear local SMS center number input again!! )

Delete number: ##5005*7672#

Method: input the above instructions and press the dial key to set the corresponding Settings.

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