New iPhone 4 escape unlock the final test point summary _iPhone film R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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New iPhone 4 escape unlock the final test point summary _iPhone film

The excitement is understandable as more and more novices jailbreak the iPhone 4 and install free software via the 91 assistant, but for many novices, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Do not manually click to restore all Settings and contents, which may easily cause the situation of white apple;

2, do not point to restore iTunes, easy to create a white apple. If there is a problem to restore, Shift+ restore;

3, do not manually upgrade the new firmware, must patiently wait for the gods statement, otherwise the consequences are unpredictable;

4, timely backup SHSH (click to view the tutorial), the earlier the more safe, must not do a good backup, or one day in the future accidentally point update, will regret;

5. Many debs in Cydia are not fully compatible with iOS 4, or there are fatal conflicts in unlocking. Don't install them randomly and read the relevant instructions. Deb file permissions are very cattle, not restricted by apple, may move to the normal operation of the system;

6. Ipa files are generally safe. Even ipa cracked is safe.

7, really white apple, don't hurry to drop the machine, no big deal, as long as you can boot, DFU mode brush machine 99.99% can brush out, the remaining 0.01% is your data line lost...

BBS new recruits must take five knowledge points:

1, learn to refuse to upgrade until a stable soft solution for the new version appears.

2, to learn to face in case of mistakenly upgraded, not noisy, not post to 91 BBS ask: "help! Mistakenly upgraded, how to do? .

3. Realize that no one will sympathize with your iphone becoming an ipod. You will only be ridiculed on BBS and accused of not reading posts.

Learn to use your new ipod in peace and quiet until a new tool comes along in a few months.

Have enough money. Buy a spare phone in case of an ipod.

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