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New iPod series cannot not know problem of 23 - Chinese iPhone - 91 mobile entertainment portal

The new iPod touch device is code-named iPod7,1, not iPod6,1. The last generation of iPod touch was code-named iPod5,1. The new iPod touch runs iOS8.4 and supports Apple Music. Like the iPhone6 and iPhone6plus, the new iPod touch also USES 1GB of ram.

The new iPod touch also has an M8 exercise coprocessor that can record and upload exercise data to health apps. The new iPod touch also supports 802.11ac wireless networks.

Finally, the iPod touch supports a feature that other apple products don't, bluetooth 4.1. This is also apple's first bluetooth 4.1 device. Bluetooth 4.1 is more reliable, does not interfere with LTE bands, and provides better power management and data transfer.

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