Ultrasn0w all series baseband unlock tool R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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Ultrasn0w all series baseband unlock tool

Although the us recently passed a law prohibiting third parties from unlocking phones, the law does not cover phones such as the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, so users can unlock their phones with tools such as Ultrasn0w.

Following the release of the perfect jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1, Ultrasn0w has also quietly released version 1.2.8, which makes it easy to unlock your phone's baseband in Crydia.

According to the update log, if your iPhone baseband is one of the six below, you'll be able to unlock the network in iOS 6.1 with the latest Ultrasn0w.

The six basebands are as follows:

- 01.59.00

- 04.26.08

- 05.11.07

- 05.12.01

- 05.13.04

- 06.15.00

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