IPhone back by iREB custom firmware and tutorial R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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IPhone back by iREB custom firmware and tutorial

Is there any way to swipe the iPhone to the specified firmware even if the SHSH file is not saved? Answer: yes! After downloading or making custom firmware, we need some tools to enter DFU mode. This tutorial will introduce how to restore custom firmware through iREB

Many of you may have had a problem with your iPhone and failed to back up the SHSH file, so you had to upgrade the iPhone to the latest version of firmware and then perform an imperfect jailbreak through red snow. IPhone without a lock is not perfect after jailbreak, dare not easily shut down, or restart the time need to use red snow guide, the iPhone with a lock is miserable, the latest version of the unlock tool does not support the latest firmware baseband unlock, can only spend money to buy CARDS.

Is there any way to brush the iPhone to the specified firmware even if the SHSH file is not saved? Answer: yes! At present, there are three methods, the first method is to brush custom firmware, brush custom firmware has several advantages, can be free base band, free from jailbreak, free from activation, own cydia, custom system disk size and so on. Custom firmware can be downloaded as well as manually produced.

There are several ways to manually create custom firmware. One is through sn0wbreeze. The main feature is that you can keep the baseband upgrade or downgrade, and then upgrade or downgrade to another system version without affecting the machine baseband.

Another way is by iFaith SHSH backup has been closed to verify version, and then through iFaith making a custom firmware, this custom firmware is made according to the SHSH saved out documents to only save iFaith SHSH files of the iPhone to use, and can only restore the firmware version to save SHSH, detailed tutorial please click.

After downloading (or making) the custom firmware, you can customize the firmware through the red snow, iREB brush. Today's small series on how to use red snow and iREB brush custom firmware.

Ip4 firmware recovery through iREB simple tutorial

1. Run itunessetup.exe and install iTunes on the computer.

2. After installation, connect IP4 to the computer through the data line and run ireb-r4.exe, as shown in the figure below:

Click the iphone4 button and follow the prompts.

The first step is to hold down both the home button and the power button

IPhone recovers custom firmware text tutorials via iREB

Step 2 release the power button according to the prompt, but press and hold the home button.

Click ok until prompted to install.

Next run the previous installation successfully

Open iTunes, and the computer will prompt you to install the driver. After waiting for iTunes to prompt you to restore mode, you can hold down the shift key on the keyboard, click "restore", and selects the corresponding firmware to restore.

Red snow brush custom firmware tutorial:

This homemade firmware is finished with iPad 4.3.x firmware, and has been packaged with AppSync for 4.0+. After scanning this homemade firmware, all cracked software and games can be synchronized without any operation on the iPad.

There's no need for a wi-fi environment on the iPad because there's no need to operate it, but a computer that swipes requires an Internet connection.

Download address of homemade firmware:

All firmware files are suffixed with.ipsw. If not, please modify manually


1. You must enter pwned DFU mode. You can use any of the following tools:

Using red snow, Windows and Mac systems can be used, DFU mode requires the original firmware.

The original firmware download address: http://doc.xue iPhone back by iREB custom firmware download https://doc.xuehai.net/b8f022a9d98e4d302aafd63b8-2.html hai.net/thread-17695-1-1.html graphic tutorials _ document

Red snow download address: Windows version: http://doc.xuehai.net/adl/redsnow_win, Mac version:

Red snow runs to this step and selects the following figure:

In fact, the purpose of using red snow is to enter DFU mode, and iReb has its own method to enter DFU mode.

Bd336x280 ();

Use Pwnagetool, which is the tool used on Mac OS X. Click DFU after running it and follow the prompts. Download address: http://doc.xuehai.net/adl/pwnagetool

Use iREB, this is the tool is used in the Windows system, download address:

2. Launch iTunes and detect the iPad in recovery mode. The process is illustrated below

The iPhone back by iREB custom firmware by https://doc.xuehai.net/b8f022a9d98e4d302aafd63b8-2.html tutorial _ document download

Hold down the Shift key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac) to click the recovery button

Selects this homemade firmware

Click the restore button and wait for the recovery to complete. This will take a few minutes

If you have backed up the data before, you can choose to restore from the backup at this time, so the previously installed applications, various Settings, the progress of the game can be restored;

If you want to use a new, clean system (previously installed apps need to be reinstalled), selects the first item below (set to new iPad).

Data backup method can refer to this post (http://doc.xuehai.net/thread-45037-1-1.html), the preparation of step 2.

Wait for the recovery to complete, which may take a long time depending on the number of apps and data installed on the iPad

After recovering from the backup, it will automatically synchronize the previously installed apps to the iPad, including various Settings, game progress and so on

The iPhone back by iREB custom firmware by https://doc.xuehai.net/b8f022a9d98e4d302aafd63b8-3.html tutorial _ document download

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