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R-SIM5 Installation Instructions for Setting of 
WCDMA/GSM Iphone with WCDMA/GSM(Unicom/Mobile) sim card

with WCDMA/GSM(Unicom/Mobile) sim card as follows:

If such situation appears: when restarted, the menu springs out and the "accept" is not clicked,

please enter SIM card application programme( if the operator springs out ,please select the

relevant operator directly).

1.Please correctly insert both

theGSM card and the unlock

card.The following screen will

be shown.Click "setting".



4.Please click "Select carrier"







7.switch off the Iphone and

restart it.Note:don't restart it at

once when switch off,wait

about 10s and then restart it.



2.Please click "call"



5.Here please note operator

selection,eg:for USA Iphone,

please select "USA Verizon"





8.When it shows "no service",

please wait about 10s,your

iPhone 4s can work well now!


3.Please click "SIM card

application programme"



6.Below page will be present

when the selection is done,

please click "accept".


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