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R-SIM5 Installation Instructions for Setting of CDMA Iphone with  
CDMA/GSM sim card,click here 

1.Please complete jailbreak for your Iphone 4s and add plug-in unit as following steps.

1.to find the icon of finished

jailbreak,click and enter it,

select"Software source".


4.input the source:


and click it.If the overtime 

problemoccurs when 

downloading,please go 

tothespare source: add the 

source : http://kthome.net/cydia


7.click"CommCeter Patch for...".



10.Now here to add the second

source.Please input the website:


and click it.If the overtime problem 

occurs when downloading,please 

go tothespare source: add the 

source : http://kthome.net/cydia


13. click"For ios 5.11 Three


(For mobile/Telecom sim card,you

only need to select the red circle as

shown below; if your sim card is

Telecom/Unicom sim card,please

select For ios5.11 Telecom/Unicom

network pack) Note: if there is still

no signal,please try to install the

package of before June ( the

secondthe third package)



Plug-in addition is done.


2.Do settings as follows

when plug-in addition

is done.


1.select the operator,eg:the

iphone is USA iphone,please

select USA Verizon cdma.




4.When it shows "no service",

please wait about 10s,your

iPhone 4s can work well now!








5.wait till downloading is

done,click back to Cydia










11.wait till downloading is

done,click back to Cydia

















17.After restarting theIphone,

insert the R-SIM 5unlocking

card and the simcard(For

Telecom sim cardVversion:

select "USAVerzoncdma";

the same,for SVersion:select

"sprint").ForGSM simcard:

select therelatedTelecom

CDMAoperator in Mode1.








2.Below page will be present

when the selection is done,

please click "accept".









6.click"Backspace Repos".





9.wait till installation is done,

click back to Cydia














15.wait till installation is









18.After theoperator is

selected,click"OK" and restart

the IPHONE,then wait till the

signal comes out.If the screen

shows the tip"activate"or if

there is no signal coming

out,please check that if you

have selected the right

operator or please restart the

Iphone.(You can also change

for another sim card and

reselect the right operator.)





3.switch off the Iphone and

restart it.Note:don't restart it at

once when switch off,wait

about 10s and then restart it.


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