R-SIM7+ (iPhone4S and Iphone5) operating instructions R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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R-SIM7+ (iPhone4S and Iphone5) operating instructions

        As we all know, R-SIM7+ is the only team in the world topush the Iphone5/4 s general accelerated default edition off,and we have our own invention and patentwhich is general unlock card tray. afterthe R - SIM7 listed , the lock machinemarket is rapid booming on the global scale. compare withrsim7, which have huge superiority, now we Introducing Speed Accelerated Edition SAMSIM Unlock Card :

1.Signal speed within 10-15 seconds unlocking Iphone4S and 5

2.With the Activation card that can guideyou and active any of your cell phone and Operators.the more steady,the less activate for nothing.

3.Add more default version (any verson is available,easy operate and speed Signal pace )

4.To update circuit board makes the sim card insert Relaxed.

5.TO increase accessories {sim card tray for iphone5 and micro sim adapter}

6.New circuit board and card tray,easy identification for iphone ,perfect work.

7. mostimportant,Specifically designed, directly built IC in card tray ,which really realize the unlock dream.

The following is the R-SIM 7 instruction:

1. Inserting R-SIM 7 and Nano sim together, it will enter the choosing carrier menu,

2. After choosing the carrier, the below menu will be shown:

3. Choosing the right model and right version IOS, (Note: Mode1 is suit for all 4S, IOS5.0/5.01/5.11/6.0 , Mode 2 is for GSM and WCDM iPhone 4S, it will get the signal quickly, Mode3 is for iPhone 5), after choosing, the next menu will be shown:

4. Click the Accept, it will operate the  chosen carrier before, if click the Cancel (or Go to Setting---Phone---R-SIM application), the next menu will be shown:

5.Click the "Select carrier", it will return the first step, choose again. If click "Get Carrier Code", it will find out the SIM card code, then choosing the right phone version to copy, then change the SIM card you want to use, restart your iPhone, the signal will be shown right now,. If click "Edit IMSI", you can edit the 7 digitals IMSI, after that, restart iPhone is OK .
6.Note: if you want to use the 3G SIM card for IOS6, it is not stable and not perfect, because of the IOS6.0 cann't do jailbreak now. But don't worry, Our R-SIM team is developing the software which will support the 3G SIM card for IOS 6 perfect, and we will publish it on our official website for free to download before long, So stay tuned!

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